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Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome, as we all know, is the multinational’s web browser Google, but did you know you can change the default theme of your “browser”? Well, this post will show you how easy it is to do this, see step by step:

1 – The first step is to find the new theme you want to install on your web browser, this url is a package of very interesting topics
2 – Click on the topic you want to install and the page with details on the subject will be a button “Install”, click it and wait until the installation is complete.
3 – After a few seconds or minutes (depending on the size of the subject) your browser is already with the new theme, do a test, open a new window and will see the new theme in action.

How to restore the default theme of Google Chrome
Well, if you want to restore the default theme (which comes in the installation) of its Chrome Web browser, follow these steps:

1 – Click to LEFT mouse button on the key at the right of the address bar
2 – In the options menu that appears, click “options”
3 – In this new screen there will be three options (Basic, Personal Stuff and Advanced Settings), click on Personal Things.
4 – In this new screen, the last button is exactly what we need, it says “Reset to default theme”, then simply click on it to restore its original theme of Google Chrome.

Oh, you can also type the address into your Chrome, “chrome: / / settings / personal” without the quotes and hit Enter it will open the page with “Personal Things”, from there just follow Step 04 which was shown just above.

That’s all ready, now you can test various themes Google Chrome and it would not find any you like, simply restore the original.

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