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HearthStone Heroes of Warcraft Decks

HearthStone Strategies and Deck Builds


Blizzard came during the Pax East with an announcement. No, they did not until the Blizzcon, hence that all eyes were focused on their presentation! It turned to Hearthstone, and what we have to weather that..

The weekend can’t better start than with a phone call from Ward: ‘ Helen Say, Skip. Blizzard is going to announce something big apparently this weekend at PAX East and I want to see the ins and outs on PU .nl! Nice weekend baklap! ‘ – and, of course, obey me. Now appear there right away what nerves, because where would the Publisher come with it? I would put my money on Blizzard all-stars, but also think a moment to project Titan, although we expect that only during the Blizzcon.. Along with at least 40,000 other people do I put the PAX East live-stream to and move to the edge of my seat. Please be patient!

Blizzard flirts with PAX East

Why is this well that big a deal? Well, Blizzard Announces normally all their projects at Blizzcon, the event of the Publisher. That we hear something on the PAX East for a game from Blizzard at least apart. I therefore expect everyone also something big, because why else would you deviate from your normal routine? Already told us is that the presentation not to an existing franchise, Blizzard serves for a new game. Blizzard all-stars or a new MMO are so still in the running! The presentation gets underway, we hold our breath in.. Check the new strategies for hearthstone and become a better player with this amazing online guide for the Arena Mode.

The ratings rise with the second and before we know look 45,000 people live to the presentation by Blizzard. The studio still blows on the own horn, the fact that they have never done such a thing is apparently important to quickly, but then comes the new epic game by the studio in the picture: Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft, a trading card game. Wait. What!? Try Blizzard us here well some card game to to smear!? What is this nasty shit!? I was not the only one who drew up an eyebrow at the announcement, between the tens of thousands of other people also still had some things to say:

Blizzard flirts with Free-to-play

The disappointment at the lekprikken of your blow-up doll is nothing at all. You hope on a core game from Blizzard and they come with some kutkaartspel, while there have long been a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game exists! Create a positive look here is for me at the time of the presentation still impossible, but while in the evening, the coffee is ready, everything starts to sink in slowly. The disappointment would not at all say that is a bad game automatically Hearthstone. We are still about Blizzard and if you look objectively at their plans, there is still an interesting pattern.

Hearthstone will the first free-to-play game of Blizzard. Of course Blizzard all the microtransactions for mounts in World of Warcraft and such, but now needs the money of digital maps and that is yet another cake! If this business model itself proves, you can quietly assume that Blizzard in the future many more smaller free games will develop.

It means that they are dipping their feet in the water with Hearthstone and still in the experimental phase. Hearthstone will now more or less a kind of Magic: The Gathering, but the Blizzard brand guarantees quality. You can so poison on taking that super small team (only 15 man!) put everything on everything goes by Hearthstone the best digital Trading Card Game-experience! The big question is only who is waiting for.. Ward, for example, seems quite excited, but I can absolutely be stolen!

Blizzard flirts with iPad

Blizzard makes even more unusual trips with Hearthstone, so we can play the game later also on the iPad! This platform is for Blizzard still uncharted territory, but the iPad is the device where a game like Hearthstone. Not that it will be very large, but that’s the purpose also at all! This is rather an exploration for Blizzard, they try some things to see what works. Without large financial risks!

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