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Installing Google Plus Themes

Another addition to Google Chrome allows you to use Google in many ways. Google Plus Themes is an extension that gives a new look to its web network, adding an image as the background. You can select an image from your photo gallery and use it as the background of your Google Plus Theme.

When you install Themes for Google Plus, you only need to access the gallery of backgrounds Themes Plus Google, developer of the application, and find some you like. With one click it is activated and you begin to see a different background of the traditional Google Plus

It is important to remember that only you can see the changes made with Google Plus Themes , that means it does not work as Orkut themes, which are viewed by any visitor to your profile page. Besides this basic difference, the theme added by this add-on is displayed on any page within Google + .

Activating a New Google Plus Theme

When you select a theme, it is going to come into force as soon as you access the page. So just choose one of dozens of images available or submit your own, go back to the Plus and reload the page to see the changes taking effect.

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