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Watch Euro 2012 Online

watch the 2014 world cup online

David Silva: Spain will be the rival to beat the Euro 2012, no doubt
In the last part of this interview with Goal.com, Manchester City Canary wet on the Red options and said that they feel that they can return to win the tournament Watch Euro 2012 Online .

Having analyzed mainly his performance at Manchester City and the topicality of the English team in the fight for the title of Premier, David Silva has now focused on interview with Goal.com, a theme which makes it very excited: the possibility of returning to win the UEFA European Championship with the selection of Spain. The Canary was the glorious event of Switzerland and Austria 2008, and aims to retain the Crown in Ukraine and Poland 2012. Watch Euro 2012 Online

David, already lack increasingly less so that the great time comes the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. How is now Spain in the face of the tournament? Do you think that the Red will get butt to defend the Crown of 2008?
There is still time for the euro, but it is an exciting challenge for Spain. We will be the rival to beat, without a doubt, and with little room for surprise. All will win and that will force us to be absolutely concentrated from the first day. Watch Euro 2016 Online

The goal of Spain seems to be clear, right? Not can go only to participate to any tournament…

Obtain a third consecutive title would be sensational. Something unique, but are not going to be easy.

The euro is an exciting challenge for Spain. We will be the rival to beat, without a doubt. All will win and that will force us to be absolutely concentrated from the first day

You say that Spain is the rival to beat. Well, what are the other teams that can aspire to win the title?

My favorite is Spain. Normal. Then Germany and Holland and not forgetting the Italians.

And England? You do not give options to the England?

I do not know what will happen with the new coach, but yes, England will have chances and I like to play against them at the crossing. Only in a possible final. A new tournament is coming!

Watch the 2014 World Cup Online – All the things you need to know!

Front veteran Landon Donovan reacted immediately to know the decision of the German coach Jürgen Klinsmann quit out of the list of 23 players from the United States who will be with the national team in the next World Cup in Brazil. How to watch the world cup online is a great blog that will teach you the best ways to watch the 2014 world cup for free.

Klinsmann, who made seven descartes of the preliminary list of 30 including Donovan, is expected to explain today at press conference from Stanford (California), where the team is concentrated and where he also worked the veteran player until Thursday met was ruled out.Donovan, via his Facebook page, expressed disappointment and frustration I felt not having been able to form part of the selection of United States in what would have been his fourth World Cup.

Donovan, of 32 years, “Has been an honor and a privilege have represented to the selection national of the United States in three World Cup”, wrote 156 games played with the national team, including 12 in the world. “I was left with the desire to play in Brazil and, as you can imagine, I’m very disappointed with the decision that has been announced.”

Donovan has scored 57 goals with the selection, the all-time leader, and five of them got them in World Cup competitions.”Anyway, I will be supporting my friends and colleagues this summer, and still committed to help develop soccer in the United States in the coming years,” said Donovan. “Thank you for all your support.”Since Donovan came to the selection in 2000, he played the world of Korea South and Japan, where the United States reached the quarterfinals; Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010. If you are into sport games you can get the FUT 15 Points Generator for free from this website.

The decline in Donovan’s selection has been criticized harshly by most experts and commentators of soccer in the United States to consider that within the list of 23 players Klinsmann has selected, there are many worse quality football and experience than the of the top scorer of the national team, as well as having less experience.

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